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Dr Lealand Henry Ministries is an organization of professional counseling offering:


Grief Therapy/Intervention
Marriage and Family


Dr. Henry is also the Pastor of the Nazarene Worship Center (NWC) Church in San Juan Trinidad.

Sermon Notes of Dr. Henry

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A Cognitive Approach To
Individual And Family Counseling.

We recognize that people who have anxiety, depression, and other emotional disturbances must learn to change their thoughts and behaviors in order to change the way they feel.

We recognize Cognitive Behavior and administer the type of therapy that addresses the thoughts that reinforce negative viewpoints, and the behavior that develops from those beliefs.

We recognize that since thoughts and behavior work in an inextricable cycle, both sides must be addressed in order to change the way we feel about ourselves.

We recognize that thoughts have an enormous impact on our mental health.

We recognize that the therapy we offer is not as simple as thinking positive.  Human thought is complex, and changing the way we think can mean attempting to undo years of undesired repetitive patterns that have become automatic in our life styles. 

We recognize that every family has arguments at some time or the other. These problems become major negative event in the marriage relationship because the situation was not dealt with in a timely manner.


Life in My Village

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Dr. Lealand Henry



Offering Counseling To...

Parents and children
Blended and extended   families


You may call for
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Family Counseling

1. We offer a safe place for clients to disclose and a confidential ear to listen and help where possible.

How we can help.

2. All families are unique and have unique problems but our counselors are experienced relationship experts and are specially trained to work with families to help people resolve their problems.



Premarital Counseling

The average person spends three years in prep. School, five years in primary school seven years in Secondary school and others spend many years in tertiary education to find a job. The very same individuals spend very little time in preparing for a life time relationship.

Dr Lealand Henry has developed a Premarital Counseling Manual, including a two hundred long questionnaire to help you as a client understand your partner, and the counselor, to be able to help re-construct the marriage.

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